The Global Sumo Fascination


I just finished reading a really interesting article about the globalization of sumo wrestling given by a Harvard Professor.  He titled his lecture, why fat guys around the world want to wrestle in diapers and why that is a good thing.  Unfortunately Sumo while growing is still overcoming the stereotype of being a sport of two fat guys pushing each other.  Now, I know many people share my passion for this sport, and would love to see the US become a world power in amateur sumo.  In my opinion one of the keys to this would be turning this stereotype around a little bit.  With that being said. I am certainly aware that if I were in better shape i would be a better sumo wrestler.  You rarely see the largest fattest guy at the top, and if you point to Konishiki you are talking about one wrestler of that stature in the history of pro sumo.  Two in global Sumo if you also point to Manny Yarbrough.  My challenge to anyone thinking about starting Sumo is to read this article, and learn about the opportunities for international competition.  Make a commitment, and help to change this image.


Here is a link to the article.

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