The Philosophy of the Jackson County Sumo Club


sumo strength

Jackson County Sumo Club’s Philosophy

Sumo is a Martial Art, and requires respect, dedication, determination, and humility. Sumo champions are made of three parts.  Body, Mind, and Spirit, and the wrestlers must strive to become the best they can in all three aspects.

Body, strong body, physical condition, and master of sumo Kimarite

Mind, Controlled mind, focused, and open to learning from all situations

Spirit;  A fighting spirit that is equally humble, and at peace.

Jackson County Sumo Club believes the secret to success both in and out of the Dohyo can be found by focusing on these three aspects.  If you are interested in beginning a martial art no matter where you are currently at this is the place for you.

New practice times and location coming very soon.  Please contact

Matthew Ritchie


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