2013 World Combat Games Day 1 results


Day 1 of the World Combat games turned in 0 victories for the US, but we are all PROUD of our Athletes.  Kelly Gneiting competed in his last international  Championship and has certainly been one of the BEST US Sumotori of all time.  We will have other heavyweights in the future, but we will never have another Kelly Gneiting.  Tiffany Tran, and Amanda Soule are leaders for women in the US, and a lasting part of our developing US Women’s program and Jackson County Sumo Club is proud of you both.  Kena Heffernan, made famous by the movie Sumo East and West, and the most decorated middle weight wrestler in US history.  The talent and courage that these four wrestlers possess is certainly an Ideal that will have to be lived up to, and shows just how difficult international sumo truly is.  Not to be taken lightly.  Huge congratulations to all the US team members for their courage, skill, and determination.  You guys are paving the way..THANK YOU!  I have not forgotten to mention Janelle in this post by the way, she is wrestling in first round action against Thailand, later on and is the last remaining US wrestler in the competition.  On a side note US Sumo’s favorite Mongolian team Member Byamba is the 2013 World Combat Games Champion

GOOD LUCK TO JANELLE IN ROUND 1 Women’s Lightweight Action!

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