Now accepting new Students.

chris matt andre jacobThe Jackson County Sumo Club is now accepting new members.  Sumo is growing in the US and we are working hard to become more organised.  With the Jackson County Sumo Club you will be getting in on the ground floor of one of the top clubs in the US.  In 2013 we hosted the US National Championships in which we placed second.  We also had individual Medals of 3rd place in the Open Division, 1st place and 2nd place in the beginner division.

PRACTICE TIME AND LOCATION: New practice times and location integrity martial arts in south KC 11130 Holmes rd KC MO Tuesdays 8pm-930pm and Saturdays 8am-10am

ATTIRE: Mawashis are worn during practice and can be worn over compression shorts for men, or women can wear singlets, compression shorts and sports bras or whatever they are comfortable with. Mouth Guards are optional.  It is advisable to have athletic tape for your feet and knee braces if needed.

Tuition: Tuition is by donation on a pay what you can basis.  The amount you pay is completely confidential and no one is turned away based on what they can afford.

Practices focus on three aspects

Mind, Body, Spirit

Body, strong body, physical condition, and master of sumo Kimarite

Mind, controlled mind, focused, and open to learning from all situations

Spirit;  A fighting spirit that is equally humble, and at peace.

Jackson County has claimed medals in every tournament she has been too, and is looking to grow stronger.

If I am going to be a champion I must first ask why I desire such.  Is it my sincerest desire?  Is it my destiny?  Is it my all consuming passion?

Desire comes from a lack of peace in Spirit

Destiny is not under my control, destiny is preordained.

If I am consumed by one thing I am owned by the pursuit, and I have no balance:

A Champion has peace and humility in his Spirit

A Champion has a strong body

A Champion has a balanced mind.

With a peaceful, humble soul I can learn.

With a strong body I can be my best

With a balanced mind, I can focus as I should on all aspects of life

If I attain all of these attributes, I will be a champion.

And I will be the kind of champion who needs no recognition.

Contact Matt Ritchie with any questions



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