Trustee Elections


Dear USSF Membership,
Attached is the 2014 Board of Trustee Ballot and a brief description/synopsis provided by each of the seven candidates.  The seven candidates are: 
            Packy Bannevans,
            Andre’ Coleman,
            Jesse DiSimone, 
            Andrew Freund, 
            Kelly Gnieting, 
            Matt Ritchie, and 
            Colton Runyan
Please remember that you have to be a current member (in good standing) to vote.  Yearly membership expire on Dec 31st each year.  If you have not updated your membership this year you may do so with your ballot.  Membership forms can be found on-line at our website: .   Lifetime members (in good standing) are always eligible to vote.  
Other reminders (also listed on the ballot):
1.      Ballots must be mailed-in to the USSF corporate address – no e-mail ballots will be accepted. 
2.      Ballot must be postmarked by 1 Apr 2014.   
If you have any questions feel free to contact the Trustees and Executive Committee at address.  
Tom Zabel
USSF President

14 Trustee Nomination Runyan

14 Trustee Nomination Ritchie

14 Trustee Nomination Gneiting

14 Trustee Nomination Freund

14 Trustee Nomination DiSimone

14 Trustee Nomination Coleman

14 Trustee Nomination Bannevans

14-02 Trustee Election Ballot

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