Keiko (lessons) Times and Location

Matt Ritchie in Action

KEIKO TIME AND LOCATION:  Integrity martial arts in south KC 11130 Holmes rd KC MO Tuesdays 8pm-930pm and Saturdays 8am-10am

Classes ate taught by Matthew Ritchie (pictured above)

ATTIRE: Mawashis are worn during practice and can be worn over compression shorts for men, or women can wear singlets, compression shorts and sports bras or whatever they are comfortable with. Mouth Guards are optional.  It is advisable to have athletic tape for your feet and knee braces if needed.

Tuition: Tuition is by donation on a pay what you can basis.  The amount you pay is completely confidential and no one is turned away based on what they can afford.

Practices focus on three aspects

Mind, Body, Spirit

Sumo practice is intense and can be very physically draining.  While we will allow each student to move at their own pace, there will be conditioning as well as sparring available at every practice.  We will be teaching the prescribed Curriculum from the United States Sumo Federation President Tom Zabel.

Students will be prepared to test at tournaments when two Dan Ranking Members are present.  Forms for testing are available here  on the Kyu Grades testing forms page.

Body, strong body, physical condition, and master of sumo Kimarite

Mind, controlled mind, focused, and open to learning from all situations

Spirit;  A fighting spirit that is equally humble, and at peace.


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